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Histology Laboratory Manual

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Manufacturer: Jaypee Brothe

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ISBN 13: 9789386150943
Author : Sayee Rajangam, et a
Publisher : Jaypee Brothe
Book Edition : 1st Edition
Language : English
Stock : Active
Publish Year : 2017
Product Code : HIS1TU3883
Product Information
  • This book is based on the general and systemic study of the body tissues.
  • Study material is presented in an easy-to-read format.
  • Slides of microphotographs are labelled profusely to facilitate recognition of the tissues in the normal systems.
  • Great care has been taken to demonstrate all the tissues under scanner, low and high power of the microscope.
  • Demonstrates structures and functions of the cells and tissues.
  • Embryological origins are indicated logically to show how origins dictate functions.
  • Each set of microphotographs and subject matter is followed by tabular columns for learning keywords and concepts.
  • At the end of the chapters, a precise summary is given in the form of table or points which are easy to grasp in the last minute and can be reproduced.
  • This is of great help to all undergraduate and postgraduate medical students and other allied health sciences.